Our Little Journey So Far.

2019 was sadly followed by 2020...meh!

Towards the end of 2019, we were almost ready to start looking for premises to open a shiny new shop.  We had the branding and a fair amount of stock ready (Or on order) and the excitement was really starting to build up (and the anxiety)

Well, as we all know, 2020 wasn’t exactly a great year to new businesses.  We were looking at months before we could get any of our stock etc, so we had to make a decision.

After a LOT of discussion with suppliers, couriers, and our brand strategist, we made the decision to open our shop online only.  Future-Proofing our exciting new brand.

The Plan Changed

HippyDuck© was then stripped back and rebuilt to be the creation you see before you.

We wanted our business to be built entirely upon honesty.  If a product isn’t as good as we hoped, we will blog and shame it.

If we are expecting delays in shipping, we tell you.

We are expecting small delays for the time-being… don’t panic it’s nothing like those other shopping apps that take 3 months to deliver a necklace (Make a WISH, GEEK)

Mix it up a bit, eh?

It was then we decided to have our famous HOT 5 products.  The Hot 5 products are aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities or learning difficulties or even just the elderly.  We update the Hot 5 quite regularly so act fast before they go. 

From the UK (our home base) to the USA, RUSSIA, INDIA… even Wigan- Free shipping* on all of our in-stock items. 

(Our affiliate products or external links shipping is based on the company that produces these goods)

No small print, no hidden charges.

Our Honesty Promise

As we already mentioned, we aim to be 100% honest throughout your shopping experience, therefor we expect the same from our customers.

If your item is damaged or faulty, we will ask for photo/video evidence and we will then happily replace your item.

Honesty works both ways.

Please note that every advert or pop-up within our pages has been vetted and approved by our quality control team... happy safe shopping!