What is the average shipping time?

Pre-2020 that was an easy question to answer but, at the moment things are a little ‘all over the place’.

Our safety zone is to say around 10 days at the most… but hey all shipping is free!


What is the Hot 10 all about?

Simple, The Hot 10 is our 10 favourite products that we keep for 7 days and refresh.

The Hot 10 is never the same products again (some exceptions, obviously.) so if you see something that you want, order it now because it won’t be available next week.


Do you have an affiliate programme?

Not as yet, we are still very young and to add another thing to manage would be a big mistake. It is definitely something we would like to do in the future. Follow us on Instagram for all updates @hippyduckofficial


Why is your refund, return policy so blunt?

We try our best to keep everything that we do 100% honest. Because of this, some people like to take liberties and attempt to rip us off with fake claims.  We are protecting ourselves and our honest customers.  If something is broken or not as ordered, send us photo or video evidence.

If someone is claiming that they never received their order but, we have tracking info and photo proof that it was delivered, why would we refund or replace?

Be honest and we will have no issues.


I’ve seen your product cheaper elsewhere, why should we buy from you?

Look, if you want to shop elsewhere, go for it.  Because the product is cheaper elsewhere it is probably better quality too, right?  (I’m pulling that disapproving face at you)

We test and try out as many of our products as we can prior to selling, we also ask all of our customers to send images and honest reviews to feature on each product page.

As you will notice on our product pages, each customer is different and can have a different opinion of the product.  We all have individual expectations and standards so the reviews can differ too.  We don’t hide negative or indifferent opinions.


If you have any questions that you would like to ask, follow us on Instagram @hippyduckofficial and drop us a direct message.