Hippy Duck™ is here!

Well, its been quite a journey for us… as it has for everyone throughout 2020 and into 2021.

As it seems the world is slowly returning to “normal” we can reflect on the ups and downs of the pandemic and now, you can shop til you drop with your friendly neighbourhood HippyDuck™

On a personal note, I would like to thank the company that made it possible for us, a team that took us under their wing (or paw) and guided us through the dark days.  The Bear Branding Company are the most ‘to-the-point’ people I have ever worked with and if it wasn’t for them, we would still be panicking and wondering what the hell to do.  The patience and brutal honesty is refreshing and sometimes unexpected but, we love them.  Thank you, darlings!!


The Hot  5: We have also introduced THE HOT 5,  Aiming to improve the lives of people with disabilities or learning difficulties. These products might just help you.


These products will be available until we run out of stock so no rush there, maaaan.

We have also introduced affiliates to our product range (They deal with their own shipping costs).  The products in this department are from companies that we trust and who offer discounts to HippyDuck™ customers.  They have all been vetted and are 100% trustworthy suppliers who adore their customers as much as we do.



99% of the products that you see on our website are shipped globally for FREE, with the exception of our affiliate/external links items.

Shipping times: Naturally, due to the nature of our suppliers the shipping could take longer than usual (we don’t mean you’re waiting weeks and weeks).  For example, if you order a set of PJ’s from Leeds and the supplier is based in New York, it’s obviously going to take a little bit longer.  However, if you live in New York and order the same PJ’s, you get them within a couple of days.


If you have any more questions, please head over to our Facebook or Instagram 

Thank you all so much,

Peace, Love and Safe-Hugs!!









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