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Measure your window accurately before ordering, choose the corresponding size to buy, to ensure that the screen fits.

If your window frame measures 100cm or less in Height and 125cm or less in Width, you can choose size W 100cm x H 125cm(Suitable for most windows type up to 100cm x 125cm & smaller) , The Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape/Groove Magnetic Strip/PVC Soft Frame Strip is easily cut using household scissors. can cut to fit the window by yourself.

The magnetic frame is composed of magnetic soft rubber strips. All magnetic accessories are brown. The surface of the PVC strip is available in three colours, white, black, and brown.

Package includes:

One roll of Self Adhesive Magnetic Strip,
One roll of PVC Soft Frame Strip,
One piece of mesh,
One bag of accessories(4 pcs corners connectors + 2 pcs windproof clips) and an instruction manual.

DIY self-adhesive magnetic screen

The product can be cut freely, environmentally friendly and odourless, safe and reliable, the switch is silent, breathable and comfortable, and no punching is required.

Suitable for multiple window types

Suitable for various window types such as stainless steel window frames, wooden window frames, aluminium alloy window frames, plastic steel window frames, etc.

Magnet attraction

The installation does not need to punch holes and will not damage the windows.

Environmental protection and tasteless dense gauze

20×28 mesh encryption

Environmental protection and tasteless encryption
gauze: polymer polyester fibre gauze, non-toxic and tasteless, durable.

20×28 mesh encryption, effectively prevent mosquitoes, and more effectively prevent bugs from invading.

A variety of colour borders are available

Parts List

1. Gauze (one piece in number): users block mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, etc.

2. Adhesive magnetic stripe (one volume): one section is attached to the window frame and the magnetic stripe attached to the gauze.

3. Decorative border strip (one volume): fix the gauze with adhesive magnetic strip.

4. Triangular corners (four in number): used to connect the four corners of the fixed screen frame for easy opening.

5. Windproof clips (two in number): used to fix screens and prevent them from being blown off by the wind.

Window frame measurement

The size of the measurement frame can be slightly
larger, but not too small.

Installation tutorial Step 1: Paste the window frame magnetic stripe

Before installation, please keep the surrounding of the window frame clear and clean, keep it dry, and stick the magnetic strip of adhesive on the surrounding of the window frame.

Step 2: Adhesive magnetic strips attract each other.

Adhere the remaining adhesive magnetic stripe and the adhesive magnetic stripe on the window frame to each other.(When attracting each other, if there is a misalignment, just reverse the magnetic strip to perfectly attract)

There are grooves on the surface, the magnetic strip is neat and firm after adsorption. If the magnetic stripe is staggered after adsorption, only one magnetic stripe needs to be reversed.

Step 3: Paste gauze.

Step 3: Paste gauze.

Step 4: Paste decorative border strips and install triangle corners.

Insert the frame decoration strip into the triangle
corner, paste it on the adhesive magnetic strip, press the gauze, insert another corner when pasting to the corner, paste it around the window frame and insert four handle corners in turn, and then cut after confirming Excess gauze.

Step 5: Install windproof clips.

Remove the adhesive protective film to clip the
windproof clip to the screen window frame, and stick it on the magnetic strip of the window frame, 1/3 away from the top.

Installation completed display effect





Door & Window Screens

Fixed Type

Magnetic Fastener

Model Number

Magnetic screen window

Screen Netting Material

Polyester Fiber

Set Type


Can accept custom size

Customized sizes are welcome, more quantities and more discounts


magnetic mosquito net,magnetic mosquito curtain,insect window nets

Functional advantages

Easy to install, easy to disassemble, clean, easy to store, durable,

Time to market



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